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Powering Businesses with Innovative Technological Solutions, Since 2015

At Unikwork, we offer a broad range of software development solutions that evolve with the dynamic nature of technology, helping you futureproof your mobile apps and websites with the latest features. We work closely with our clients throughout the development process and give them expert recommendations to help them improve their products.

Our innovative technology solutions are targeted at facilitating business transformation and growth while bringing value to our clients.

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about unikwork
about unikwork

Who We Are

Founded by Nirav Vavadiya and Sagar Radadiya, Unikwork is a technology development and consultancy company with operation in India and United States. We are dedicated to adding value to businesses and enterprise-level companies through cutting-edge technology solutions and quality software development. Our unique approach and exclusivity stems from our dedication to understanding your needs and tailoring our solutions to the specific needs of your business to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our team consists of software engineers, experienced developers and designers, capable of formulating high-impact solutions to address the technological needs of your business both on-site and remotely. We extend our services to businesses and companies of all magnitudes and complexity, providing them with services that help their businesses go digital.

Let Us Help You Go Digital

Here at Unikwork, our pool of talented team members are well versed in their fields and are ready to help you go digital through custom technology solutions that will accelerate your business.

Successful Projects

We have completed multiple projects across several industries and helped businesses gain a competitive edge in their market by improving their efficiency and maximizing their revenue through high-impact technology services.

Years of Delivering Quality Services

Throughout our years of service, we have been delivering services that bring satisfaction to our clients and continue evolving our methods to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as one of the leading technology consulting and development firms in the digital space, providing world-class services that will propel your business to new heights.

Our Mission

At Unikwork, we are on a mission to become the preferred choice for technology development and consultancy services across the globe, powering business innovation and digitalization across multiple industries and business domains.

Our Core Values


We value the confidence our clients put in us to deliver quality services and always give our clients full visibility over their projects so they always know what they are paying for.

Continuous Growth

We are dedicated to serving you better and always keep ourselves on the pulse of emerging technology to ensure that our services evolve as we grow while keeping up with its dynamic nature.


Everything we do revolves around our clients and we take our time to capture their vision to ensure that our services not only go beyond their expectations but also align with their goals.


We lead our clients along the shortest path to business success through cost-effective solutions, drawing from the best talent, emerging technology, products, and tools that add value to their business.

about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork
about unikwork

Meet the Management Team

about unikwork

Nirav Vavadiya

about unikwork

Sagar Radadiya

Head of Technology
about unikwork

Priya Dhola

Head of Operation
about unikwork

Meet Our Team

At Unikwork, we believe in the spirit of teamwork, creativity, and innovation to accomplish tasks quickly, seamlessly, and effectively. We are dedicated to creating work environments for our employees that encourage diversity in skill, talent, and culture, allowing us to come up with products ideated from different perspectives.

From concept to product release, our team of experienced professionals delivers intelligent, highly functional, interoperable, and scalable technology solutions that not only bring our clients' vision to life but also align with their business goals. We also work hard to establish and maintain a positive work environment for our employees that encourages growth, creativity, collaboration, and better service.

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